Shortcrust pastry


I follow the proportions are 3: 2: 1, where 3 parts of flour, 2 parts of butter, 1 part of sugar. For a pastry very delicate but difficult to work I do not put eggs, otherwise only one, slightly beaten before adding. Soften the butter at room temperature, possibly with a rolling pin, cut it without touching it (always try to use your hands as little as possible), sprinkle sugar. Mix with a spatula, until the butter is coated with sugar. Add the sifted flour vanillin and salt. Mix flour and butter rubbing between fingers, creating many crumbs. Make a fountain and enter the egg. Knead again, then compacting the mixture, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least half an hour. Of course with the kneading is much easier. Remove the plastic wrap and roll it between two sheets of baking paper, so it does not stick to the work surface. To have a regular thickness, place the pastry between two strips of wood on which slide the rolling pin. For cakes puncture the bottom, especially when you just want the shell to be filled later. The pan should not be greased as it is a mixture of butter. For the pastry chocolate replace some of the flour with cocoa. Bake at 200 degrees until cooked